Spiritual Guidance

We feel privileged to have Respected Samanijis and the continuously enlighten us with inspirational thoughts of energizing mind, body and spirit.

Samani Aarjav Pragya Ji

Samani Swati Pragya Ji

The words Yoga and Meditation have entered mainstream now and while most people are familiar with these words some practice them to varying degrees in their daily life. We must ask though whether it is possible to get a meaningful impact from such activities without a proper understanding of their connection to and relationship with spirituality. We are fortunate and privileged to have the presence of two Samani Ji’s with us in the JVB Houston Preksha Meditation center who are highly trained to explain that connection and teach us proper techniques of yoga and meditation. 

Samani Jis’ are highly learned and experienced disciples of Parampujya Acharya Mahashraman ji, head of JVB Terapanth Sangh in India. Considering that the practice of Preksha Meditation was introduced to the world by Acharya Mahapragya ji (Guru of Mahashraman ji) under the guidance of Acharya Tulsi (Guru of Acharya Mahapragya ji) following an extended period of research and practice, twenty plus years to be precise, all Samani Ji’s receive special training in Preksha Meditation, as a part of their formal education and training. Samaniji’s practice Ahinsa (Non-violence), Sayam (self-restraint), Anekant (revelation of truth), Brahmacharya (celibacy), and other jain monk vows. They have a deep knowledge of the religious philosophy and are experts in the practice of Preksha (yoga and meditation) and other natural therapies. Their familiarity with modern science, Spiritual Guidance. Spirituality & Jainism physiology and human anatomy allows them to present a holistic view of how the regular practice of Preksha Meditation can lead to addressing serious illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, acid reflux etc. Periodically, Samani Jis’ are invited by external organizations like Interfaith Ministry to either conduct a Preksha Meditation session or present Jainism’s perspective on topics of general interest. Samani Jis’ daily life provides an excellent example of how the principles of Jainism should be applied in our daily lives, and is our greatest strength to attract general public to the center.

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