The Gyanshala program follows a well-designed curriculum which has four components. The first component is Vandana; each Gyanshala starts with recitation of the Namaskar Mahamantra and ends with the recitation of the Gyanshala pledge. The second component is Yoga where children learn various postures and learn the importance of physical fitness. The third component is Jainism where we cover the material included in the Gyanshala books, and the fourth and final component is Jeevan Vigyan
where children learn about the application of Jain Philosophy in daily living. We also offer an additional component when there is sufficient interest. It includes Hindi language instruction, Learning about Sutras, Learning about Bhaktamber Stotra etc.
Children receive the Gyanshala books at the start of the year and the teachers follow the books to achieve consistency and a learning order that is relevant for the age of the child. Through the Gyanshala Program our aim is to ensure that children learn about: 

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Gyanshala books were recently revised by Samani Neeti Pragya ji under the guidance of Samani Malaya Pragya ji, with the help of some shravikas in JVB’s New Jersey center. We offer a sense of deep gratitude to them for their vision and immense efforts in doing this noble work. The textbooks are a compilation of Jain tattva concepts and their applications in daily life. The material for the books has been sourced from Jain Agamas, various published and online sources authored by Jain Acharyas and Jain scholars and has been adapted to fit the needs of the Gyanshala curriculum.

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