Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision a violence free individual and society: in mind, words, and action that inspires the world towards peace and harmony

Our Mission

To educate the community about the Jain way of Life and introduce our children to Jain morals and values.

Teach young and old alike, a practical, step by step approach of personal empowerment through the practice of Preksha Meditation

Inspire the community to practice Preksha Meditation regularly, for it is only then that
one can build inner strength to lead a non-violent, happy, compassionate, and
contended life

Spread Lord Mahaveer’s message of Ahinsa, Anekant and Aparigrah to the broader community for creating harmony and peace in the society


Increase awareness about our Vision and Mission

Educate the community about the Jain way of life through pravachans, workshops, and

Conduct 1 or 2, 3-day Preksha Meditation Camps each year in addition to monthly

Conduct regular Gyanshala classes for children to teach them moral values, Jain
Principles and their application in daily life

Conduct quarterly seminars on important Health Topics emphasizing the need to
practice Preksha Meditation daily to accelerate healing

Build a credible base of Testimonials

Monitor Progress

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