Outreach endeavors to raise awareness about the JVB mission, values, and services.
By reaching out to more people and communities, JVB can increase its impact and help more people. Outreach provides the organization with the opportunity to build
relationships with the community and stakeholders. This helps establish trust and credibility, which is essential for building long-term partnerships. With Outreach JVB can identify the needs and challenges of the community we serve. This would help us tailor our services to meet those needs more effectively. Outreach also provides an
opportunity for JVB children and youth to learn from others and grow together. Overall, this is an important tool for JVB to connect with the community, increase their impact, and build long-term relationships with the masses.

Outreach Events


Maîtri Diwas

Meditation Workshops

Spiritual discourses

Health workshops


Blood Drive

International Day of Yoga

Partner Organizations:

 India Culture Center, Interfaith Ministeries, International Hindi Organization, Sewa
International, India House, Pratham, Arya Samaj of Houston, Jain Society of Houston, Durgabari society, and all major Indo-American organization in Houston and across Texas.

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