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Support Us

All public service organizations need a source of funding to continue to operate and provide the services required by the community. JVB Preksha Meditation Center is no different in that regard. While we accept monetary donations at any time, and of any amount during the course of the year, Annual donor drive is held during Paryushan to raise operating funds. Levels are as follows and are valid for one year: (Please Consult Image)

We thank all our past donors for their support & generosity:

Our preferred method of payment is Zelle or Paypal Giving. 

Our Zelle email: 

Click here to use paypal giving. . Paypal giving is a great way to donate using  paypal/credit card

Please use below link for Credit Card Payments,

These funds are used for the following purposes:
a) To meet day to day operating expenses
b) To maintain and from time to time improve facilities 
c) To provide for Samani Ji’s travel expenses
We are a 501 (c) corporation (Tax ID 88-0517493) and therefore all the donations we receive are tax deductible  for US Income Tax purposes. 
Both asking for money and donating money is not an easy task. They both require a charitable mindset.
However, when we support a worthwhile cause, such as: an education and training in holistic living through Preksha Meditation and Spiritual discourses by resident Samani JIs whether it is by donating money or donating time and  expertise or all the three, there is an inner sense of pleasure and satisfaction that can only be experienced.
Hope the readers will take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity and become brand ambassadors to promote it in the Houston community. (Tax ID 

We are always in need of volunteers to help us. You can help us with facilities, Gyanshala, Gochari,
Library, Organizing, Kitchen etc. To signup, contact one of EC Members

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