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Samani Kanchan Pragya
Initiation: 1992

M.A. in Jainism
M.A. in Science of Living
Qualified in yoga and meditation

Birth Date: 18 December 1967

Birth Place: Guntkal (Andhra Pradesh, India)

Initiation Date: 18th October 1992

Initiation Place: Ladnun, Rajasthan

Current Status:
Disciple of H.H. Acharya Shree Mahashramanji


  • Visiting professor in Jain Darshan and Jeevan Vigyan
  • Studied Jain Agams under the guidance of his holiness Acharya Tulsi, Mahapragya and Mahashraman.
  • Organized training programmes, workshops and camps on Preksha Meditation, Yoga and Anuvrat
  • Promoted religious and educational activities to develop better understanding of Jainism.   

Places Traveled
Many states of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, Singapore, and USA.