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Samani Malay Pragya
Initiation: 1992

M.A. in Prakrit
M.A. in Jainism

Birth Date: 28 April 1970

Birth Place: Titlagarh (Orissa, India)

Initiation Date: 18th October 1992

Current Status:
Disciple of H.H. Acharya Shree Mahashramanji

Academic Background:
M.A. in Prakrit
B.A in Jainism & Other Philosophical Systems
Qualified in Yoga and Meditation

Taught Sanskrit Grammar at Parmarthik Siksha Sansthaan, JVB, Ladnun
Taught corrsepondence students in various centers of Jain Vishwa Bharati University in different states of India.

Organized Camps:
110 camps of Preksha Meditation.
150 camps of Science of Living.
100 camps of “Anuvrat”.

Conducted Workshops:

15 Teenagers’ workshops of Education & Moral development. 20 Adult workshops on “Life skills & Moral Development”.
15 Senior Citizens’ workshops on “Life’s Importance”.
5 workshops for teachers on “A good teacher”.
10 workshops for married couple on “Happy living”.

Conferences and Lectures:
Participated in Sarva Dharm Sammelan at Bhuvneshwar, India.
Participated in Sarva Dharm Sammelan at Balangir, India.
Delivered lectures at Bhutoria College, Bangladesh.
Delivered lectures at Paryushan Celebration, Singapore.
Delivered lectures at B.Ed College, Biratnagar, Nepal.
Delivered more than 200 lectures in various states of India

USA, Singapore, Bhutan, Bangladesh, many states of India.

Languages known:
Hindi, Marwari, Udiya